Maxillofacial Obturators

Life Changing.

Creating hope for those in need.

Oral Cancer is serious. Sometimes, the procedures to remove the cancerous tissue can require extensive removal of teeth and portions of the hard and soft palate.

When the need for removal becomes this extensive an opening can be left between the mouth and the nose.

This can create an annoying path for food and drink in the mouth to inadvertantly enter the nose when eating and drinking. Speech is also effected.
Hart & Coco and their team of specialists can fabricate custom fit devices that effectively 'plug' these holes, replace missing teeth and prevent food and drink from entering the nose from the mouth when eating and drinking. All of these custom devices are made in their in-house laboratory.
These devices can restore lost tissues and fill in the space left from needed surgeries.
What results is an ability to speak, eat and drink normally again.

These devices can be further supported and retained with dental implants that can restore you to optimum looks and function. To find out more about how dental implants can improve your obturator, contact our treatment coordinator to schedule a private consultation.

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