Our Denture Fabrication Process

Dentures: The Hart & Coco Way

Step 1:  Primary Impressions — This first impression of your upper and lower jaw gives us an approximate representation of your mouth. To make this impression, we use a "stock" tray (small, medium or large) that is made based on averages of jaw sizes in the general public. An impression made in a "stock" tray can be accurate, but in our opinion is not accurate enough to be used to make a denture. Instead, we use this first impression and the models that come from it to make impression trays that are customized to fit your mouth. These custom trays are used in Step 2.

Step 2:  Master Impressions — The second and final impression of your mouth is made using custom trays that are customized even further at the second appointment and just before making an impression of your jaws. We use a different impression material from step one — one that is much, much more accurate but requires a custom tray to be used. What results is a "master model" of your jaws — the template from which your final dentures will be made. Tooth color, shape and size are selected at this appointment with your doctor. The doctor will make measurements of your face and help select appropriate options of teeth that can be used for your denture. You are part of the selection process and have the final say in the tooth that will be used for your denture.

Step 3:  Records — Our dental laboratory makes a set of "mock dentures" where a wax mould replaces where the teeth would be. These mock dentures are made using the master models. We contour these wax mock dentures to the ideal contours between your jaws to best support your lips and cheeks, and to establish an appropriate bite (how your dentures will come together). This bite is recorded and the mock dentures are transferred back to the master models and returned to the lab where our lab technician will set your chosen teeth on the mock denture for a full try-in at your next appointment.

Step 4:  Full Setup Try-in — Once the laboratory technician has completed setting your new teeth in the mock denture, you will return to our clinic to inspect and give your final approval of the proposed denture. While the final fit and comfort of the denture will not be realized until the denture is processed and finished, you will be able to see exactly what the final denture will look like. If any adjustments or rearranging is requested, that will be completed before the denture is processed. Once you approve of the final setup, the mock dentures are returned to the lab and the technician will begin the final processing procedure to finalize the tooth positions.

Step 5:  Delivery — Once our technician has completed the processing of your denture it is ready for delivery. Minor adjustments are often necessary to the fitting surfaces of the dentures, and those are completed at this appointment to your comfort. Once comfortable, you will be instructed on initial use and wear, and cleaning of your new set of dentures.  Occasionally, minor adjustments are needed after you begin to wear your new denture. Our doctors will adjust areas as needed as you get used to your new set of dentures.

Our practice recommends you return to us every year for an exam and thorough professional cleaning of your new dentures. Please call (501) 319-7520 to schedule a private consultation.