At Hart and Coco we believe that crowns should look, feel, and function like real teeth.  We use a proprietary milling process to fabricate all of our crowns--and careful techniques of delivery to ensure that when they are delivered and adjusted to fit that they maintain this anatomy--not get ground off.

And we can match any available shade of tooth you desire.  In this particular instance, we are placing full coverage crowns (caps) on teeth that are located next to natural, unrestored teeth.  By choosing a blending shade similar to this patient's natural teeth, we can allow these teeth to disappear, and not stand out as 'fake' or 'prosthetic' once they are placed in the patient's mouth.


Quite Simply, Our crowns fit.  At Hart and Coco we obsess over details that ensure a long term stable result.  Beauty is one thing, fit is another.  At Hart and Coco, both receive equal attention.


A lot more goes in to making a proper crown than one might think.  Even more goes into restoring an entire mouth with multiple crowns and bridges.  At Hart and Coco, you can leave all of that to us.  In order to meet our core goals of 'beautiful, precise, and long-lasting,' careful planning of tooth contacts, cusp contours and fossa locations yields stable, long-term, and predictable results.  In short, if you want crowns that look beautiful, work as they should, and last as long as possible, we've got you covered.

Materials and a 5-Year Guarantee

The Materials you use to build a crown are paramount to its longevity. At Hart and Coco we use zirconium to fabricate all of our crowns--an incredibly durable, hard, yet tooth-colored and beautiful material.  And we fabricate our zirconium crowns in our own laboratory, on site, under our direct supervision.

Zirconium:  The Kryptonite of Dental Materials 

There are several different forms of the element Zirconium – a) the Zirconium dioxide that we use in dentistry to make crowns, dental implants and dental implant parts and b) the cubic form of zirconium (cubic zirconia) found in 'fake' diamonds. Zirconium is a very stable, very biocompatible material that, through a process called 'transformation toughening', actually makes itself stronger when it experiences microfractures.

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