Beautiful. Precise. Long-Lasting. 

These words are our core goals at Hart & Coco. Getting there doesn't happen by luck. Attention to detail at every phase of care must happen with a very clear end-point in mind. Our technology ensures that we examine and perform every step to the best of our ability.



Hart & Coco uses digital x-rays to evaluate each tooth in the mouth. This technology greatly reduces the amount of radiation exposure compared to old, film type x-rays. Further, it gives you and your team of specialists at Hart & Coco the opportunity to examine details around each tooth in a way that was never possible before.

Old, film x-rays could only be magnified with a magnifying glass (or by holding them closer to your face!). Our digital x-rays can be magnified digitally. This allows you and your team of specialists at Hart & Coco to see each tooth - and any potential problem - in stunning detail.

Our digital x-ray system also eliminates the need for film and the harsh chemicals that are needed to develop it. These digital sensors are compact and produce instant images that eliminate your waiting time and allow our data gathering process to be as quick as possible.

While traditional two-dimensional x-rays are important, and necessary for diagnosis, they alone do not produce a thorough evaluation. At Hart & Coco, we know you expect the best. So do we.

That's why we have invested in the most advanced digital equipment available to us. This Conebeam system is capable of showing us details of your oral health in ways never possible in the past... in 3D. 

Real life happens in 3D, and our team's evaluations and treatment planning of your specific needs should include 3D information.

We can gather exceptional information from these images and the outcome results in the greatest treatment goal for you.

These 3D images can be placed in computer programs that can virtually perform dental implant surgeries on your 3D images.

This careful virtual planning ensures that dental implants are placed in the best possible locations so that your dental prostheses have strong supports for the rest of your life.


Dental Materials

Illustrated here are two different ways to make dental crowns and bridges.

The upper bridge is made using metal that has a porcelain (or glass) coating to make it look more like a tooth. The metals used in making this type of crown or bridge often contains nickel - a metal responsible for many allergies.

The lower bridge is made using Zirconium - a naturally white, very biocompatible, and exceptionally strong, durable and beautiful material.

We at Hart & Coco fabricate all of our crowns, bridges, veneers, frameworks, inlays and onlays out of zirconium... on-site, in our own lab.

Zirconium eliminates the gray lines at the gum tissue, the need to mask gray metals with porcelains that are apt to fracture, and the allergies that can be common with metal-based crowns.



The Hart & Coco Laboratory fabricates these zirconium crowns using a ZirkonZahn Computer-Aided-Design and Milling Process (CAD-CAM).

Each crown and bridge is custom-designed digitally. That design is then sent to this milling machine where each crown is milled from a solid block of zirconium.

This computer design and milling process yields stunning anatomy and incredible strength in each crown, bridge or other dental prosthesis it creates.

Please visit our Crowns page to learn more about this unique process.


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