In-House Laboratory

Take a look inside the in-house dental laboratory at Hart & Coco Prosthodontics. All of our Dental Implant Prosthetics, Dental Crowns, Dental Implant Crowns, and Dentures are made right here in our Little Rock office to ensure that every step of the process is technically correct. Our National Board Certified Dental Lab Technician, Beth, and our doctors work closely to make sure every detail is perfect - just for you.


Beth Stone, National Board Certified Dental Lab Technician

Beth Stone earned her degree as a dental laboratory technician in 1987 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. While there, Beth was chosen as an outstanding graduate, and received the faculty award for excellence from 1985-1987.

In 1991, she became eligible and acheived status of a National Board Certified Dental Laboratory Technician (an honor currently held by only 6,500 persons in the U.S.) after completing and excelling at peer-administered and reviewed comprehensive technical exam.

In her 28 years of dental lab experience, Beth has managed several sections of nationally-admired dental laboratories, owned her own dental laboratory, and most recently joined Hart & Coco in their prosthodontic and implant specialty lab. Beth is well-versed and trained in the design, fabrication and principals of comprehensive dental lab technology, and has become one of the most important parts of the Hart & Coco professional team.

Her skills include: design and fabrication of maxillofacial and conventional intraoral acrylic based prosthetics, design and fabrication of both acrylic and zirconium based full arch dental implant prosthetics, application of ceramic technology in the fabrication of full-coverage crowns, veneers and inlays/onlays, and TMJ splint fabrication and design.


When you build a house you get to pick the details... Why shouldn't the same be true with your teeth?


Acrylic-Based Prosthetics
(Dentures, All-on-4s)


At the Hart & Coco, our lab technician and doctors can recommend a smile that looks good on you. Take comfort in knowing that all of our dental prosthetics are made right here in our office, and you have the final say in all of the details.

We begin the design and setup of a smile using your input, facial measurements and facial profile to choose teeth that are proportionate with your stature and that meet the requirement of symmetry that is the basis of a beautiful smile.

We have the ability to make prosthetic teeth that are as unique and as natural as you desire.



We only use the best materials. In our acrylic prosthetics, we use the highest quality, most anatomically accurate acrylic teeth available on the market today.

Ivoclar was founded in 1923 and is located in Liechtenstein - a small country located in the Swiss Alps between Switzerland and Austria. They use a proprietary composite layering process in the fabrication of their acrylic teeth that makes them not only supremely aesthetic, but extremely durable.

We did our research and began using Ivoclar products in 2005 - and we haven't looked back since. Ivoclar's acrylic teeth deliver our need for a prosthetic tooth that is worthy of our patient's and our laboratory's high demands.


Perhaps the most important component of our laboratory is our technician-doctor collaboration. That is where all of the elements of excellent prosthetic dentistry coincide.

Our laboratory exercises the same care and detail of technique on each case, respecting the requirements and rules of our materials, to ensure a precise, long-lasting and beautiful end result.

Crowns & Bridges

At Hart & Coco, we believe that crowns should look, feel and function like natural teeth. We use a proprietary milling process to fabricate all of our crowns and practice careful techniques of delivery to ensure that when they are delivered and adjusted to fit and that they maintain their anatomy - not get ground off.

We can match any available shade of tooth you desire. In this particular instance, we are placing full coverage crowns (caps) on teeth that are located next to natural, un-restored teeth.

By choosing a blending shade similar to this patient's natural teeth, we can allow these teeth to disappear once they are placed in the patient's mouth.


The materials used to build a crown are paramount to its longevity. At Hart & Coco, we use zirconium - an incredibly durable, hard, yet naturally-white and beautiful material - to fabricate all of your crowns.

All of your zirconium crowns are fabricated in our own laboratory, on-site, under our direct supervision.

The Hart & Coco Laboratory fabricates these zirconium crowns using a ZirkonZahn Computer-Aided-Design and Milling Process (CAD-CAM).

Each crown and bridge is custom designed digitally. That design is then sent to this milling machine where each crown is milled from a solid block of zirconium.

This computer design and milling process yields stunning anatomy and incredible strength in each crown, bridge or other dental prosthesis it creates.

Zirconium:  The Kryptonite of Dental Materials 

There are several different forms of the element Zirconium. There is the Zirconium dioxide that we use in dentistry to make crowns, dental implants and dental implant parts, but there is also the cubic form of zirconium - cubic zirconia found in diamond simulants or 'fake' diamonds.

Zirconium is a very stable, very bio-compatible material that will ensure a beautiful and long lasting smile...

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